A Great 6 Months

It has been an exciting six months!

My name is Howard, and I am the new owner of Ride West. We have been incredibly busy this summer with one of our biggest years ever. With a chance to come up for air, I thought I would send out an update on everything going on.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to take over stewardship of Ride West. Ride West itself has been through a few hands (and a few names) over the past 30+ years, and I am sure it will pass on to others at some point in the future. It is an institution. Keith and Ann before me did a fantastic job of turning the shop into one of the biggest BMW stores in the country, if not the world. Cheers to them as they enjoy the next part of their excellent journey together. We will continue to hold high the flame of adventure riding in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past six months we have changed very little with our crew of awesome folks. Almost everyone remains from before and we have even added a few people to help out. Our customers remain in great hands with over 100 years of motorcycle experience in the shop. 

BMW North America is continuing its process of rebranding all of its dealers to follow the BMW Motorcycles of XXXXX pattern, and so Ride West will now be BMW Motorcycles of Seattle. While we are sad to see the Ride West name taken off the BMW shop, we promise it will be back because it’s a great name with an amazing history in the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned.

The big change coming up in December is the addition of Ducati Seattle to the 8100 Lake City Way location. It will be tight with two of the largest dealers in the Northwest coming together. But it will mean a lot more cool bikes, parts and apparel in one place. When it comes to premium motorcycling kit – 8100 Lake City Way will be the place to be.

If you stop by the shop right now, things are a little dusty as we make more space for the Ducati folks. This will be over soon though and we are planning a party for December to celebrate all the new 2016 models and our remodel. Come in from the cold and join us. 

Stay tuned for a list of events for 2016 where we can all get together, go for a ride, have a beverage and tell tall tales. We will be out and about more in 2016 as 2105 was a tough transition year. 

Finally, I love riding motorcycles. My two favorite kinds of riding are Desert riding and Track riding. During the winter we like to head down to Baja and enjoy the infinite riding right out the back door. Pinning the throttle in an arroyo and floating on sand is one of the great thrills in riding. I am also a track addict. For 5 years I traveled around the country and lived in a trailer to race in the AMA SuperSport championship. Being in the paddock with the MotoGP and WSBK guys was a dream come true. Stretching myself to the limit at Miller, Laguna Seca and Road America is an experience I will never forget. I even got to crash live on the Speed Channel. Pretty cool.

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